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What's New:
07.24.14 - Back from the wilds of California and Utah
We made it out of crowded Cali alive and I'm back to work.  I love visiting the coast - the ocean is pretty sweet.  No way to celebrate a coastal ride like a no- handed track stand, right?  Hello, Pacific!

In Santa Barbara the trails have actual rocks, unlike most of our overly- groomed trails here.  I can say that while the riding in Durango is fun, my technical skills have gone downhill since the last time I rode the Cold Springs trail, pictured at left... sure wish we could keep a few of Durango's trails super-techy, just for skills maintenance and progression!

The road riding in SB, while steep, is pretty awesome as well.  Full-body workout, climbing this on a SS!  Thankfully there's more oxygen than I'm used to down there.

On the way back this direction from SoCal, we stopped for a few days just north of Salt Lake City for Salsa's 2015 bike line release.  We've been super-pleased with all of Salsa's bikes this year, and 2015 is looking even better!  Left, the beyond- category Bucksaw - which rides incredibly light.  There is no such thing as a trail too rough for this guy - feels like you can ride anywhere!  And no, it doesn't climb like a pig.  I know you'd think it would, but all I can say about this bike's overall ride is nothing short of amazing.  They done good!

The Spearfish, Salsa's short-travel XC full-sus bike, gets the carbon- frame treatment this year.  Drops half a pound, gains lateral stiffness.  Rode pretty awesome, although a little quick for my personal taste!  If you want to go fast, however, this is the bike for you.  Last time I went riding with Kurt Refsnider, this is what he was riding.  Currently he's bikepacking through the Alps on one of these (yes, I'm jealous).

The Horsethief is Spearfish's big brother and also gets the carbon option this year.  I really liked this bike.  Split Pivot has been my favorite suspension design ever since it first showed up on Devinci's bikes a few years back, and I am happy to see Salsa also licensing the design from engineer Dave Weagle.  In fact, this is a large reason we brought Salsa on board!  The Horsethief has 120mm of travel and is ready to conquer any backcountry trail you want to throw at it with aplomb.  The single- bike quiver for a lot of people!

This is another of my favorite bikes to be introduced this year.  The Blackborow is Salsa's new 5", 190mm rear end fatbike.  This thing will rock the largest tires available with no complaints.  Want to ride Alaskan beaches?  Test Tracks in a foot of snow?  The snowshoe trails at the Nordic Center?  No problem.  The best thing I can say about this bike is that I have a Pugsley, I was considering an Ice Cream Truck, and I've owned a Fatback - I rode this and it WILL be my new fatbike.  Nothing else compares for my purposes.

We also rode the new Mukluk with the RockShox Bluto suspension fork (stock!), which was basically like riding half the Bucksaw.  Finally, we rode the Colossal, Salsa's disc-equipped road bike, and it was exactly what a mountain biker wants out of a road bike - comfortable, stable, durable, and outfitted with parts we understand and love!

Finally:  We will be putting in our pre-order for 2015 Salsa bikes in the next few days.  Some of these bikes will sell out pretty quickly, so if you know you want something or another, please let us know - we'll get you one on the first run!

07.09.14 - Road Trip!
Sandhya and I are hitting the road for about ten days, beginning Monday.  Sandhya's brother is getting married in the hometown of Santa Barbara, and I never miss a good reason to visit Santa Barbara.  I'll be riding out there for sure (left, the really fun Santa Cruz trail).  On the way back, we'll take a large-ish detour through Salt Lake City to hit up SaddleDrive, a trade show where we'll be checking out, riding, and pre-ordering 2015 Salsa and Surly models, including Salsa's new Bucksaw full-sus fatbike.  Just in case you haven't yet seen the Bucksaw...

Bam!  There it is.  Those of you who have expressed interest in pre- ordering a Bucksaw will be getting a call from me shortly.  If you want one but haven't said anything yet, speak now or hold your peace until these come back into stock after the first run is sold out.

Cody will be running the show until we get back on the 24th or so.  See you soon!

07.02.14 - In the books
Another DDC is in the books.  It was a gorgeous day outside, as evidenced by this bad cell phone photo I took up in the Section Point area.  Not a cloud in the sky all day long.  With weather like that and a bike that was flawless, it was too bad I had a replay of 2012 and bailed after 60 miles.  The world's best conditions can't make up for no legs, no lungs, and no stomach.  Some year I'll figure out how to keep you all happy at the shop and also how to keep me happy on the bike!  Ryan, Danny, and Kylie did awesome out there, along with everyone else who finished.  Good job!  By the way, people who brought water: Thanks so much for bringing lots of water.  Please, though, come pick up your 5-gallon jerry cans, because there are a ton of them here and we just don't have space.  I'll keep them for another few days or so, but I'll end up donating them to the thrift store if you don't care enough about them to pick 'em up ASAP.
Also in the books: Adventure By Bike night with Bedrock Bags and Salsa Cycles.  This was awesome.  About 50 people packed into the shop and we talked about bikepacking and touring for a good while.  We hope to see some of you soon to get you geared up for your next big adventure!

Finally, the 2nd Annual Bicycle Fashion Show was a rousing success.  Thanks to our friends at Carver Brewing Company and the City, and especially to everyone who "modeled"!

06.27.14 - Let's get ready to rumble...
The DDC is here again.  One hundred miles, fourteen thousand feet of climbing (and descending, of course), plenty of snow to muck around in, and a whole bunch of fun.  Best of all?  Free and mostly self-supported.  We have our traditional three volunteer-run aid stations at Hermosa North TH, Hotel Draw's summit, and Kennebec Pass.  You can drop off food and water for anyone to use tonight until six PM, or bring it with you in the morning!  Seven AM start here at VC, but be here early to sign in.  Don't forget cash donations for the volunteers - let's buy them all dinner!

The Durango Dirty Century - true backcountry riding, several years strong.  Thanks for playing!

(Left: Doug Johnson and myself in 2011, finishing together for the win.  I haven't been that fast since...)

06.23.14 - Events are happening!
Yes, we just posted this image a couple weeks back (click for full size).  But it's coming right up and we want you to be there!  So don't miss Thursday night's Adventure By Bike workshop with VC, Bedrock, and Salsa Cycles.  It's going to be a great time, with awesome stories, Q&A, snacks and swag.  Also, we will have a keg, so there's that going for us.  Mucho gracias to our buddy Jordan, who hooked us up with the keg.

Also, the Second Annual Bicycle Fashion Show is happening Tuesday night at Carver's at 5:30pm.  This was fun last year and should be again.  Please note that this means our Tuesday night ride isn't happening this week, and we will be closed 30 or 45 minutes early Tuesday.

Finally, the much-awaited Durango Dirty Century is coming up on Saturday.  Registration is probably pretty much full, but if you can find the registration page, you may be able to squeak in under our limit of 70 people.

06.09.14 - Hello, high country...
Things are melting out fast.  Won't be long before all sorts of epic rides will be opening up... time to start piecing loops together.

05.30.14 - This will be a good time... you should be there.

05.28.14 - Events calendar updated - lots of new events posted!
Just updated the 2014 Events calendar.  I know, it's been a long time coming... but hey, it's done!  We've added several awesome events to the list, so go check it out.  Specifically, we've added:

-Emergency Repair 101 Clinic

-The Second Annual Bicycle Fashion Show

-Adventure By Bike Party (should be super-fun!)

We do need volunteers with fashion sense on either end of the spectrum (great or terrible) for the Fashion Show.  Don't worry, it's completely tongue in cheek - no real fashionistas here.  So call us up, and put your dignity on the line - and on the red carpet.  We promise it will be fun.  Really.  On another note, we're especially excited about the Adventure By Bike Party - we've got some folks coming from Salsa Cycles to share adventure stories, bikepacking know-how, and some swag to boot!

05.27.14 - What else? Bikes, of course!
'Tis the season.  So here are a couple bike shots for you.

First up, Andrew at Bedrock Bags made me a sweet Colorado pride framebag to echo the shop logo.  Looks pretty amazing on my Salsa El Mar Ti, especially with Silver Mtn. in the background.

Some of you have probably seen this bike in the shop already.  We built it over the spring, full custom, for a discerning customer.  This 9:ZERO:7 Whiteout has 190mm spacing, 4.8" tires, SRAM XX1 drivetrain, HED carbon rims (US-made), and a bunch of other goodies.  Weighs in, as it sits - including 1.1 POUNDS of sealant - at 25 lbs flat.  Wicked.  Imagine floating that thing through powder...

Group ride time!

05.22.14 - So many super-cool bikes out there...

Why hello there... just waiting for the light of day, huh?

I like to consider myself a friend to all bicycles.  I'm enthused by brand-new trail rigs, classic steel roadsters, gas- pipe cruisers, and more.  I'm fond of arcane bikes from eras past, even ones without much of a pedigree.  Earlier today, a fellow brought in a Free Spirit (sold by Sears in the '80s) folding bike, complete with a Sachs automatic, two-speed internal gear hub.  It was absolutely spotless and looked brand new, and even though it was a poorly made, inexpensive bike at the time, it was still pretty cool to check out.  We then spent most of the day working on late-model road bikes for the upcoming Steel Pony festivities, and that was cool.

And then I built this thing.

Despite all of the above, there's something about a high-end titanium hardtail that just gets me.  Possibly it's that when I began in shops as a youngster, in the mid-90's, ti hardtails equipped with XTR parts were THE bikes to have.  I remember staring at ads in the back of Mountain Bike Action for Dean ti bikes and thinking they were the coolest thing ever.  As I grew older and worked into ever- higher levels of the industry, culminating on the World Cup MTB race circuit, I got caught up in the carbon craze, along with the rest of the bicycle world.  Now, however, ti is roaring back as a viable frame material, I've been off the carbon wagon for almost a decade, and my take on bikes is just about full circle.  It's awesome to see this El Mariachi Ti XTR come through on its way to its new owner, if for no other reason than it tugs on some roots that began growing in 1995 or so.  Living life in the bicycle world - I love it, always have, always will!  Thanks for taking a trip down memory lane with me.  Ride on!

05.14.14 - Bedrock Bags Gets Bright
Andrew from Bedrock Bags brought us this awesome frame bag for our stock Fargo 3 yesterday.  And then he was nice enough to go take a pro photo of it too... what a guy!  Looks pretty cool, and I think it's the first yellow frame bag I've ever seen.  Thanks Andrew!

05.13.14 - Tuesday Night Ride Cancelled Tonight!
This has been an up and down week, weather-wise!  Less than a week ago it was amazingly beautiful outside.  Today, it's snowing after a couple days of rain, snow, slush and hail.  So we're calling off the ride tonight - no sense in destroying the trails and it sounds like it might be pretty chilly anyhow.  Next week looks good though, so far - see you then!

05.12.14 - SALE on Fatbikes, 29+ Models, & Whisky Apparel!
While we're happy and proud to stock all the new brands this spring has brought us, we're finding our small shop space to be a bit crowded at the moment (as we expected!).  So we're having a little sale to free up some space for our new Salsa bikes and Endura apparel.  To wit: All 2014 in- stock fatbikes and 29+ models are now 10% off, and Whisky clothing items are a whopping 35% off!  If you've been looking for a Pugsley, Pug Ops, ECR, or Krampus, we have a deal for you.  Need some understated technical apparel that doesn't make you feel like a billboard?  Ditto on the deals.  And don't worry, Surly fans - we're not leaving Surly behind, just making some space with the bikes least used at this time of year.  You'll still find Surly in stock, on the floor, going forward, along with the rest of our stellar lineup from Devinci, Salsa, Civia, and 9:ZERO:7.

05.09.14 - Salsa has entered the building, fresh spring cruisers, and Durango Bikes app launched!
It would be a bit of an under- statement to say we've been busy lately.  Sorry for the lack of updates - here's a bunch of info all at once!

First up: We have a bunch of Salsa bikes built up and on the floor.  People have been absolutely stoked on these!  From the top down for the image to left:  Fargo 3, El Mariachi 2, Warbird 3 and Fargo 2, El Mar 3, El Mar SS, El Mar Ti.  And there are more where those came from...

Next up: The Durango Bikes app we've sponsored has been launched and is available for download on Apple and Android devices.  This app is obviously not meant so much for long- time locals or people who have been riding bikes forever, but for newcomers to our fair burg or cycling in general it's pretty damn handy!  You can learn about commuter- friendly routes through town, basic MTB trails, and various other things using Durango Bikes.  Check out the app's info page here, or download for Apple here or Android here.  We hope you like it - let us know what you think!
Finally, spring appears to have sprung for real.  We had a couple of cold, wet days there - but that's spring in Colorado!  Now that the weather's looking sunny and warm, we figured it was the perfect time to show off these summer townies.  We've carried Civia Cycles for a good while, but we recently brought in further models, including this green beauty with a front basket and an internal-gear drivetrain.  This is an awesome town bike!  Farmer's Market, here we come...

05.02.14 - This Week's Group Ride Shot & Salsa Demo Goodness
Our group rides have been awesome this year.  A bunch of good people are showing up every week, and we're just going out and shredding around the valley, having a blast.  No egos, no hurry- up- faster stuff, just having fun being outside on the trail.  You should join us.

Here, Paul takes the descent from the Gravity Cavity for the first time.

We went out to the Phil's World Salsa demo on Wednesday.  It was a little cold and windy, but other than that, it was awesome!  We rode some awfully nice bikes, talked to some folks, and Sandhya absolutely fell in love with this titanium El Mariachi... looks like I'll be swapping her parts over to a new frame soon.  They only had a medium frame, which is small for me, but I rode it for a few minutes anyway.  Wowsers.  I've ridden ti before, but it's been a while, and that bike feels good.  I mean, really good.  I think I'll have to sneak out on Sandhya's new bike sometimes... don't tell her!

04.26.14 - Salsa Cycles Joins the Velorution!

We've dropped a few hints lately, but now it's official - Salsa Cycles and Velorution Cycles have partnered up, and we are stoked!  Salsa has built a solid reputation over the last several years, building bikes for the bikepacking, touring, fatbiking, and trail-riding crowd - sound familiar?  "Adventure by Bike" could well be our shop motto, and when we saw their 2014 lineup we knew we had to bring them on board.  Whether it's the steel- or ti-hardtail El Mariachi, the SplitPivot Spearfish full-sus, the Fargo or Vaya touring bikes, or the new Bucksaw full-suspension fatbike, Salsa builds bikes to get you out there.  And we are happy to be able to bring them to our floor - so you can see, touch, and ride before buying.  Many more details of various models on the way - but for now, keep an eye out for Salsa models hitting the floor this coming week!  And, FYI - if you'd like to demo some bikes on dirt, Salsa is pulling their demo trailer through the area this week.  They (and we) will be at Phil's World this Wednesday, April 30, from noon to six PM.  Come on out and demo some bikes.  We'll see you on the trail!  (Above photo: Durango resident, Salsa rider, and VC buddy Brett Davis, riding his ti El Mariachi on the Tour Divide route in 2011.)

04.16.14 - Durango Bikes app launching soon; Also, awesome group rides!
We're proud to announce that we've partnered with My City Bikes to launch a new app, Durango Bikes, which will be a great resource for newcomers to bikes, Durango, or both!  This app will help the new rider or resident find the best commuter routes and basic MTB trails in our area, along with other helpful info.  We are stoked to sponsor this project and hope it helps more than a few people out!  Launching in the very near future - more info on the forthcoming app, the My City Bikes project, and so on here:  http://bit.ly/DurangoBikes  Check it out, and let us know what you think!
On another note, our group ride last night was awesome.  Fifteen of you rad riders showed up and we had a great time on the newly- reopened South Rim trail.  We also had the most eclectic assortment of bikes I've seen in a while (outside of the shop, of course) - fatbikes, 29+, full-sus, hardtails, full rigid, singlespeed, handbuilt... all as unique as the people that ride them.  Thank you all for coming out, let's keep these rides rockin'!

04.14.14 - Nice job all you Gravel Grinders!
Thanks so much to everyone that came out to the Durango Gravel Grinder on Saturday!  We had a record turnout and a great time.  We had everything from CX race bikes to fat bikes on course.  The weather mostly cooperated, although we all had to dodge a bit of lightning and rain.  We had a lot of finishers on the 115-mile route, with good friends Danny Powers and Kylie Krauss coming in first and second overall.  A lot of folks set personal mileage records, which is awesome!  Matt Turgeon, race organizer, couldn't ride because of an injured wrist - so he decided to just run the first 45-mile loop.  Nuts.  Only four of us signed up for the 160-mile route (one dropped early), and Jordan, Alex, and I rode together almost all day, deciding to not call it a race at the last minute and finishing together before heading over to Carver's for food and drink (thanks, Mike!).  For the record, 160 miles on a singlespeed hurts.  Of course I knew that, from last year, but a year's time has a way of making one forget...

This is what the sky looked like most of the afternoon.  Despite the ominous appearance, we somehow managed to avoid getting rained or lightning-ed on - instead, we just rode huge loops around the storms (on course).  Sure was pretty.

04.08.14 - New Clothing Line, New Shop Tees, & More!
Oh boy.  These shirts, long since dreamt up, are just now in the mail, printed by none other than our buddy Clint at the Tillman Project.  If you know our shop, you know that while we love riding downhill fast, we value riding up the hill as well - and these tees playfully recognize that.  So if shuttles aren't your thing, come check these early next week!

Here's the other print... also with the logo on the back.  Wicked!

Also, we're stoked to have added Endura clothing to our lineup here at the shop.  This Scottish line of technical apparel is super high-quality and very reasonably priced.  We've brought in a solid selection of jerseys, jackets, shorts, and glasses for the summer in both men's and women's versions.  Awesome colors too - come check them out!

Spring trails in Durango... mmmm.  Get out and ride, now's the time!

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